Thursday, November 20, 2008


My second thaught

I’m still new at this blogging thing, but I figured it’s easier to figure it out then writing a book. Firstly it is not that Yeshivish to blog bichlall or even to have internet for that matter. The gedolim furt assured the net. Yesh lachkor pshat in yeshiva world. Balabatishly, it’s a nice way of getting morbid news such as deaths or weddings etc.. ( I think it’s 2 to 1) or that some rebbe or Gadol went to here or there, wasteing his time by some useless fundraising, ober Klall yisrael (this KLALL does shtam from the same word that bichlall comes from but it’s not as general) needs parnuseh. And to get clean news so the frum yeshivishe balabus doesn’t have to waste his surfing time on reading the news from sites that don’t have the right hashkafis or nice pictures of Hillary or Condi or Tzippi Livni or Elliot Spitzer. And to let them know what news items are burning issues. And to have a makom to give over hashkafis mit an agenda (thats nisht giferlach we all have our own). Oh I almost forgot the pictures. But im kol zeh it’s not a bad way for two yeshiva (sort of) guys to make a living.

Men darf vissen that not everything with the word yeshivah is authentic yeshivish.

Till later zei gibenched!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The word YESHIVISH is generally associated with people who have greasy collars and dirty pants and learn or learned in a yishivah, and cant talk straight or aren't able to express themselves to people unlike them, without using long nonused vocabluary which they read in a goyshe newspaper or an artscroll book.

But lemaseh (we will explain it later) it's a way of life of thinking, of knowing things which are based on a Torah approach that went through years of history and lately (the last 70 years) through the Yeshivos.

I like to put together a bunch of zachen with which one can learn about being yeshivish.

It can be usefull for anybody and even for those of us who went to a yeshivah but missed all of it.